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  • Creating Geospatial Data

    Coming soon Methods to create/collect geospatial data: Digitalising based on areal photos/historical maps Field collection apps Drawing on maps

  • The process of assigning continents to images that contain no coordinates

  • There is a subtle difference between “Transforming” data, and “Analysing” data, and “Managing” data. Transforming data typically consists of making modifications to existing data sets or creating somewhat similar deviates of a data set, such as a subset of a data set. “Managing data” is making changes to the representation of the data, i.e. exporting…

  • This is really a rather complex issue and is described in several sub articles This article need rewrite to insure that it also covers aspects such as world of discourse and ontology When discussing how geospatial information is represented as geospatial data it is common to distinguish between two aspects of geospatial data namely attribute…

  • ArcGIS Pro

    ArcGIS pro is along with the open source alternative QGIS the most common general purpose GISapps. There are three main arguments for choosing ArcGIS over QGIS: Installing ArcGIS Pro. Configuring ArcGIS Pro Accessing data in ArcGIS Pro Once QGIS is installed and configured, the next task is typically to access geospatial data. There are many…