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  • Besides using remote Sensing data in general purposes, Geospatial software such as ArcGIS Pro and QGIS Google Eathe Engine delivers a rather easy approach (although some simple coding is necessary) An interesting area is Using historical Satellites for Change Detection

  • Historically elevation data was collected through field surveys and later through stereo photogrammetric measurement using overlapping aerial photographs. The output was recorded as iso lines on maps with a constant equidistance (elevation difference between lines). In Denmark, our earliest national elevation data sets date back to ca 1870 List of land surface parameters derived from…

  • The following is a simplified presentation of what GeoSpatial Data is and how it represents Geographic Information. The purpose of this articel is to present the principles of geospatial data. For a more conceptual description of how reality is modded using geospatial data read the article “Representing Reality: How Geographic Information Captures Phenomena“ Put simply…

  • One of the first questions you typically ask yourself when you want to start thinking about using geospatial data is, where to find it? Below, you can find my five recommendations on how to find data. The problem with the methods outlined in these recommendations is that they do assume that you have some knowledge…

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