Simple 3D visualisation in ArcGIS Pro

While ArcGIS Pro is primarily a 2D GIS tool it has the ability to do both simple and more advanced 3D visualisations.

Start ArcGIS Pro as normally and create a 2D map the includes the feature layers you wish to visualize in 3D. In this case Forist, trees, tree groups and buildings.

Now add a so-called local scene from the Insert tab and the New Map drop down and select New local Scene.

You should now have two tabs (a nap and a scene)

Click in the map and then the “content” pane. Form the content pane copy all layers (ctrl C)

Switch to the Scene tab and click on the top level on the content ( Scene) and select paste

All layers will now be added to the Scene

Expanding the navigation to navigation gizmo in the bottom left corner by clicking the “show full control” (red arrow) it displayes a inner circler (horizon) and a ball navigation. Use the gizmo to achieve the desired perspective

If the geomatrys floate over the tereain