ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS pro is along with the open source alternative QGIS the most common general purpose GISapps. There are three main arguments for choosing ArcGIS over QGIS:

  • Higher quality of documentation and online learning resources. ArcGIS pro has the best online help I have ever experienced.
  • Deep integration with online and mobile tools
  • The ability to create 3D geometries

Installing ArcGIS Pro.

Configuring ArcGIS Pro

  • Changing the default location of window pains (panels in QGIS)
  • Setting the default location for data.

Accessing data in ArcGIS Pro

Once QGIS is installed and configured, the next task is typically to access geospatial data. There are many different ways of doing this depending on the data type and method of access. To read more, read the article “Accessing data in ArcGIS Pro

Making simpel 3D visualisation in ArcGIS pro

Although ArcGIS originally was primarily a 2D GIS many 3D tools have been added especially with the introduction of ArcGIS PRO. In the article “Simple 3D visualisation in ArcGIS pro” you can read about how to get started.