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  • Installing QGIS

    For some, it is easy to install QGIS and if you normally find installing and managing software easy just go to, Now click the big green download now button. Since installing QGIS sometimes is a bit tricky This page has four sections For Windows users (Hoping all goes well) For Mac users (Hoping all […]

  • Install a QGIS plugin

    Most QGIS plugins are installed from the official Plugin repository and this is the process covered here. To install a plugin from the QGIS plugin repository go to the Plugins menu and chose “Manage and Install Plugins” This will open the plugin manager The plugin manager has 5 sections Tasks: Here the typical choices are […]

  • Doing map layout using QGIS

    A basic introduction to the “rules” of map design and how to implement them in QGIS 0:00 Introduction (The meaning of design) 0:52 4 different purposes of maps 2:30 Why use a map 4:55 Why not to use a map 6:40 The context 7:35 The media 8:10 The audience 9:16 The components of a map […]

  • In this video, I will wake you through the basic operations of making a map using other desktop GIS ArcGIS Pro

  • Making a map using QGIS

    In this video, I will wake you through the basic operations of making a map using other desktop GIS QGIS Just wait until…or…hold on, you can this part of the video!

  • QGIS

    QGIS is an Open Source (free to use) desktop GIS, in can handsel the needs of most Geospatial projects, although it is not quite as feature-rich as ArcGIS Pro. In addition to the built-in functionality, QGIS like ArcGIS pro can be extended by using the programming language Python. For QGIS many such extensions are packaged […]

  • Software and web Apps

    The main software packages covered here are: ArcGIS proA Comercial general-purpose geospatial desktop app. ArcGIS OnlineAn online cousin to ArcGIS pro with data some data analysis and creation options. A key use of ArcGIS online is to create web maps and make data sources available online. The ArcGIS Online ecosystem also contains more specialised apps […]

  • GEE

    DEtte er overskriften In this course we will primarily be focusing on data produced by multispectral radiometers mounted on satellites measuring the spatial variations in the reflected/radiated EMR from the Earth’s surface and we will focus on how to use remote sensing data within the context of understanding the physical environment of the earths surface. […]