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  • Soil and geology

    Soil and geology set the conditions for many landscape activities, including agriculture. The main soil data set consists of 55.000 soil samples and is typically not publicly available. This data is the basis for the soil map (newest 2019 version) is available from agricultural ministries Farming GIS (Landbrugs GIS) page or the direct link […]

  • Agricultural data

    Danish agriculture is highly subsidized and regulated. There is, therefore, a large amount of data documenting agricultural practices. These data sets are primarily managed by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark They expose the data both for download and as wfs/wms. One of the key data sets is the fields data set […]

  • Addresses In Danmark, the address plays an extremely important role in the national geospatial strategy, from being the main way of geolocating statistical information on persons and firms to ensuring that ambulances arrive at the right place. The main way of accessing the address data set is through “Danmarks Adressers Web API” ( The API […]

  • The Danish dwellings and building

  • Accessing data in Python

    In the following, you can find articles on how to access the most common data types from Python Most examples will be using Google Colab, but the notebooks are shared on GitHub, so you can download them from there and use them in any Python Notebook environment. At the end of the day, Python mainly […]

  • The basic approach is here that you have a URL (Web address) that points to the location of some geospatial data file. Always be careful when opening data from the internet, although I have not yet heard about any weaknesses in QGIS being exploited. The most common files that can be opened directly from a […]

  • The following is a short list of the most common file formats you come across when working with geospatial data. A more comprehensive list can be found at format name File exertion Description Used by GeoPackage *.gpkg A geopackage is a file database that can contain multiple layers of both vector and raster data […]

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  • Aerial photography


  • Besides using remote Sensing data in general purposes, Geospatial software such as ArcGIS Pro and QGIS Google Eathe Engine delivers a rather easy approach (although some simple coding is necessary) An interesting area is Using historical Satellites for Change Detection