• Under the hood of QGIS

    in this section, we will look a bit closer at the version numbers of QGIS and the main libraries that are included in QGIS This section is mainly if you are intent to be a long-term user of QGIS and want some basic understanding of what is described in the other bug notices and workarounds […]

  • Doing map layout using QGIS

    A basic introduction to the “rules” of map design and how to implement them in QGIS 0:00 Introduction (The meaning of design) 0:52 4 different purposes of maps 2:30 Why use a map 4:55 Why not to use a map 6:40 The context 7:35 The media 8:10 The audience 9:16 The components of a map […]

  • Making a map using QGIS

    In this video, I will wake you through the basic operations of making a map using other desktop GIS QGIS Just wait until…or…hold on, you can this part of the video!

  • QGIS

    QGIS is an Open Source (free to use) desktop GIS, in can handsel the needs of most Geospatial projects, although it is not quite as feature-rich as ArcGIS Pro. In addition to the built-in functionality, QGIS like ArcGIS pro can be extended by using the programming language Python. For QGIS many such extensions are packaged […]