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  • The “Dataforsyningen” QGIS plugin gives you easy data to the public governmental geospatial data exposed as WFS and WMS services from After installing the plugin you will get a menu named Dataforsyningen from which you can access many WMS and some WFS services form Dataforsyningen To use the plugin you must: first, create a […]

  • To create a user on Dataforsyningen go to the website ( and clicking log ind (login) then chose “Opret Profil” (Create user profile) Enter the username you wish to use a minimum of 3 characters (at the red arrow) Enter your email (at the green arrow) Click the next arrow (yellow circle) In the next […]

  • Tempary outputs in QGIS

    Most of the processing tools in QGIS generate temporary outputs. If you close a QGIS project with temporary layers, QGIS will warn you of the existence and you will have the chance to go back and save them explicitly (make permanent) Temporary outputs have a little RAM icon attached in the layers view

  • QGIS odds and ends

    There are a lot of small things about QGIS that can make living with the software much easier.

  • After authoring a story map you typically want to publish it, this can give rise to some unexpected problems with regard to the access rights of underlying data. The most common of these issues is that the sharing of maps and data used is not set to include the audience you wish to share the […]

  • STAC API Plugin

    A new QGIS plugin that allows browsing STAC API catalogs inside QGIS has been released. The plugin, developed by Kartoza and sponsored by Microsoft, is available for download and installation in the QGIS official plugin repository. Before this plugin was developed, there was an existing plugin that aimed at providing the same services, though it […]

  • QGIS Plugins

    The Functionality of QGIS can be extended by adding Plugins. Some are added by Default, while others need to be explicitly added by the user. The basic process of installing plugins Collection of common plugins:

  • Add content

    Clik New Item Then Feature Layer. Personaly I finde the name Feature Layer misleading a this point. I would have liked it to be named feature class group becaus it can consist of several inficidual feature layers.  Chose Create a blank layer and then Next IN the next dialogbox you add the individualfeature clases Add […]