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  • Filtering data using SQL


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    Geospatial data is commonly stored in some databases and typically a database that adheres to the Relational Database model. Where data is stored in relations (labels) and where each feature is one row and each attribute one column The relational database model typically supports a processing language named Structured Query Language (SQL) tjay allows for […]

  • Using AI to help you do analysis, chatbots like Chatgpt are rather good at giving advice on doing different types of analysis and visualisations, especially if you are using a programmatic approach, i.e. doing your analysis and visualisation in a programming environment such as python AI tools also play an important role in many remote […]

  • The following is a simplified presentation of what GeoSpatial Data is and how it represents Geographic Information. The purpose of this articel is to present the principles of geospatial data. For a more conceptual description of how reality is modded using geospatial data read the article “Representing Reality: How Geographic Information Captures Phenomena“ Put simply […]

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    Although it is not strictly necessary to know the theoretical foundation of all technology, it often helps when problems arise and also in providing guidance on how to use the technology in a sound and safe manner. Another key reason for studying the theoretical foundation of geospatial technology is that there are so many different […]

  • This is really a rather complex issue and is described in several sub articles This article need rewrite to insure that it also covers aspects such as world of discourse and ontology When discussing how geospatial information is represented as geospatial data it is common to distinguish between two aspects of geospatial data namely attribute […]