Really Simple and Fast Ways to Make a Map

When people say they just need a map of a given location they are typically implying that they want a topographical map of that location. A topographical map is a map that depicts the location of physical structures and perhaps services such as stations, atm’s Betural stations etc. The easiest way to obtain such a map is to use your web browser and head over to Zoom and pan to the location you need at click share chose the scale you want your map at (see a list of typical metric map scales and what they look like). Then click download

If You click the layers button you can chose between different stylings of the open streatmap data set that emphasises different aspects such as cycle routes. 

If you chose to use a Desktop GIS such as QGIS or ArcMap Pro you have a host of topographical maps to chose from. You can see  a list of the most common topographical maps and read a short description of them including Openstratmap in the post “Common background maps and how to use them