GeoSpatial and Metadata servers

This section is mainly for people that wish to share geospatial data or Meta data with others. These tools are also mainly of interest if you have access to placing an always-on computer on the internet, be it a physical on-premise computer or a cloud computer. Setting up this type of service has for many years been associated with a rather steep learning curve if you are not an IT specialist. However, with the emergence of technologies like Docker, you can have a Geospatial data server up and running in a matter of minutes.

In the following presentations on the different technologies, I will link, whenever possible, include a link to a Docker image, so you can try it without using hours installing and configuring it. Best of all, when you are finished testing, you can just delete the image and nothing has changed on your computer.

  • PostgreSQL + PostGIS.
    PostgreSQL is a geospatial database server, typically used in situations where you want to share data with editing rights within an organization. PostgreSQL can also be of great use even if you are not sharing data with others but need a database server to handle complex data collections such as, for instance, the Danish Borehole data.
  • Pygeoapi.
    A python-based implementation of OGC’s newer API standards.