Establising a project specific geospatial data foundation

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In this section, we will lay down a framework for establishing a geospatial data foundation for a project. This will also introduce some basic concepts that we will be returning to later.

The basic framework for establishing a project-specific geospatial data foundation

Key concepts

World of observation.
The term world of observation refers to the selected phenomena that are of relevance to the project and other delimitations in time and space

It is here important to emphasise that the phenomena can be both tangible phenomena such as the transport network of an area but also abstract phenomena such as where the users of the areas feel safe or vulnerable as long as it is something that can be sensed/recorded.

World of Discourse
Most phenomena can be represented (categorised, quantified and delimited) in different ways depending on the specific purpose, knowledge and resources of a given project. How a given project chooses to represent the phenomena of the world of observation is what is called the world of discourse, or sometimes the logical model of the world of observation. In other words, the world of discourse is the world of observation seen through the lens of a project’s purpose and a priori knowledge.

Digital Representation of a Phenomena
Aby Digital Representation of a Phenomena is the result of some projects worker (Data collection)