The topic of geoinformatics is constantly changing to reflect changing technologies and demands. The terms Geoinformatics might even be understood somewhat different in different cultures and while the term “informatics” can be used as a synonym for information science in the Scandinavian countries we tend to use the term informatics as meaning information science, but with an addition of the study of how information science is used in and influences an organisation /society.

As a formal definition, we could say that Geoinformatics is the science, art and technology relating to the collection storage, retrieval analysis and decimation of geographic information and its influence on the organisation/society in which it is used.

The purpose of this site is to function as a learning platform primarily for my university students but in general for anyone interested in the subject. The site workers in tandem with my Youtube channel Geoinformatics_0nline

About me

My name is Esbern Holmes, I’m the primary author on this site. My educational background is a masters in computer science and Geography since I graduated I have been working full time with the subject of Geoinformatics both as a university teacher, as well as a consultant within both the private and the public sector.