Working with Geospatial Information

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  • Theory: to embark on a theory-first introduction to the ins and outs of Geospatial Information and technologies
  • Problem: to learn how to solve complex spatial problems by decomposing them into data and smaller computable operations.
  • Workflow: Information is organized according to the standard Workflow of Finding, Assessing, Filtering, Analyzing and Disseminating
  • Technology:  learn the specifics of key technologies, such as Desktop GIS, including QGIS and ArcGIS, and server-based applications, such as ArcGIS Online and Google Earth Engine.
  • Python: to learn how to utilize Python for geospatial processing,

Our philosophy

Our philosophy centres on a theory-driven methodology for engaging with Geospatial Information technologies. Decades of pedagogical experience have illuminated a common hurdle among learners: The problem is not how to use the individual tools but when to use which tool.

To overcome this, emphasizes a foundational understanding, directing you toward the conceptual framework of tools before diving into their practical use. By firmly grasping the underlying theories, you’ll be adept at selecting the right tool for the right task.

We recognize that revisiting voluminous theoretical texts can be daunting and counterproductive. Thus, our content is meticulously crafted to be concise, well-organized, and easily navigable. This structure is not merely for ease of use; it embodies our commitment to a comprehensive learning experience. It facilitates a dual pathway for exploration: a problem decomposition approach for analytical thinking and a conventional application-first strategy for operational efficiency, including installation guides and application-specific advice. Whether you’re a student delving into the nuances of GIS or a professional seeking to refine your spatial analysis skills, is your educational sanctuary. Here, theory meets practice, enabling you to understand and apply GIS concepts across various software ecosystems effectively.