Install a QGIS plugin

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Most QGIS plugins are installed from the official Plugin repository and this is the process covered here. To install a plugin from the QGIS plugin repository go to the Plugins menu and chose “Manage and Install Plugins”

This will open the plugin manager

The plugin manager has 5 sections

  1. Tasks: Here the typical choices are All (Show all plugins), installed (show all installed plugins), and useful for removing a plugin. Not installed (show all installed plugins) useful for installing a plugin. Upgradable (shows all plugins that can be updated)
  2. Search: locate plugins by words in name or description
  3. List: List of (filtered) plugins. Click the plugin in this list to see its info
  4. Info area: Shows general information about the plugin
  5. Actions: What to do with the selected plugin.

Use example: Install the “Data Plotly” plugin

In the search field type “plot”, this will find all plugins where the word is in or part of a word in the plugin description.

Select the plugin “Data Plotly” from the list of plugins and click “Install Plugin”